DHS Series mould dryers

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DHS Series mould dryers

I deumidificatori della serie DSH rappresentano la soluzione ideale per l’eliminazione della condensa dagli stampi di iniezione e soffiaggio. Dipendentemente dal modello cambiano le portate d’aria, che vanno da 800 fino a 3000 m3/h e possono essere applicate ad una o più macchine trasformatrici.

Tecnologia a rotore

In questa gamma di prodotti, la deumidificazione dell’aria viene ottenuta tramite la tecnologia a rotore essiccante, permettendo di ottenere un dew point dell’aria fino a -10°C.



Microprocessor control that manages machine operation and makes it possible to keep a constant dew point with PID regeneration control


Filtration with panel filter that simplifies cleaning and increases accessibility

Air pre-cooling

Air pre-cooling with exchanger that uses water at low tempera- ture 7÷10°C

Drain pump

Drain pump with incorporated float switch to expel condensed water


High-head fan to send air to the absorption rotor efficiently and effectively (this guarantees a stable process even in tropical-type climatic conditions with temperatures of up to 40°C and humidity of up to 90%)


RS 485 modbus interface


Production quality

No production waste due to moisture on the mould and elimination of the risk of mould corrosion and consequent maintenance needs.

Constant process

Thanks to the ability of this range of products to adapt to all weather conditions.

Wide range

A wide range of products suitable for every customer’s needs and every climatic environment.


Post-cooler (to reduce the outflowing air temperature)

External dew point (to switch the machine on and off during periods of low humidity)

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