Storage silos

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Storage silos

PET Solutions has a wide range of silos for the storage of different types and formats of plastic material. The product range is designed to offer maximum storage management efficiency according to the various production requirements of the customer: indeed, the catalogue includes containers in different sizes and for different uses. The silos can be designed for both outdoor and indoor use and are manufactured in aluminium and stainless steel.

Storage system

PET Solutions can also provide its expertise in terms of know-how, design, consultancy and assistance in the development of the storage and continuous traceability system of the plastic material.
The storage and transport system can be independently supervised by administrative software.


Cone angle

Cone angle between 45° and 60°

Single chamber

Single chamber / multi-chamber


Monolithic / with modular panels

Guard rails

Aluminium or steel guard rails and ladders


Wear-resistant stainless steel loading pipes


Ideal for solids storage


Reduction of storage space

Reduction of material handling costs

Reduced waste of plastic material

Increased plant productivity

Retention of the chemical characteristics of the plastic material

Easy and fast material loading

Increased plant safety


– Flow-aids

– Extraction screw

– Vibrating bottom

– Atex

– Insulation

– Homogeniser

– Telescopic unloader (for truck loading)

– Safety system for load management

– Load cells for weighing

– Ultrasonic volumetric control

– Centralised loading station

– Anti-honking system

– Software monitoring system


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