DRP Series dryers

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DRP Series dryers

The DRP series is an upgrade of the DR range offered by PET Solutions, suitable for customers who need better performance in terms of throughput and lower energy consumption. The DRP drying system makes it possible to streamline the production of PET preforms thanks to the innovative, patented design of the process circuit, that provides better performance: the circuit configuration requires the process blowers to be placed after the regeneration towers, thus guaranteeing a 35% increase in energy efficiency.


The DRP range has several models, with an airflow of 1000 m3/h and a dew point value of up to -60°C. 


7” colour TOUCH display

Microprocessor control with 7” colour TOUCH display and easy programming (material type and throughput selectable from database)


Configuration with single, split or multi hopper

Cycle control

Regeneration cycle control

Value control

Dew Point value control by modulating valve


Throughput management


Process airflow management

Cooling water flow

Cooling water flow management (automatic control valve)

Automatic shutdown

Automatic shutdown to prevent granule degradation

switch-on and switch-off

Programmable switch-on and switch-off (SMART START & STOP)


RS485 Modbus interface



The process temperature is electronically controlled via a PID algorithm.

Ease of

The keyboard and multilingual digital display interface provides constant monitoring of the machine by highlighting key parameters such as drying temperature, dew point and Dryer operating status.


The microprocessor optimises the operating parameters (airflow and temperature) depending on the material and production requirements, resulting in energy savings. This system prevents polymer degradation due to excessive drying of the polymer.

Energy consumption management

The machine has the ability to optimise energy consumption in order to adapt it to the production required and the actual needs of the converting press. With the load cell option on the towers it is possible to reduce the regeneration cycles with a consequent energy saving.

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