The Head Quarter is located in Borgoricco, in the Province of Padua and covers an area of 80,000 m2. As of today, the company counts on a strong and organized structure, always expanding and with a strong momentum for growth, aware of its in-depth knowledge and experience in the fields of dehumidification, transportation of plastic material in granules, mixing and processing of plastic polymers in general.

Pet solutions SHANGHAI CO. LTD.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the PEGASO INDUSTRIES group prompted the company to open a production and sales office in China in 2008, which has always been a strategic location for meeting demands from the Asian market. The new hub, which as of today employs 80 people, consists not only of the production departments, but also of a technical department and a sales department, as well as a service department with qualified personnel. All in the total sharing of Italian know-how.


The group’s Brazilian subsidiary aims to cater to the South American market, with products manufactured in Sao Paulo. Located in a 3500 sq. m. facility, the company’s Latin branch includes not only the production area, but also sales, after-sales and administration offices for a total of twenty employees.


In 2019, the U.S. headquarters was established in Atlanta in the United States. The new location has allowed the company to expand an important market such as the United States and ensure more timely on-site interventions and spare parts. It is complete with sales offices, a showroom where we can host customers and view our products, and a warehouse of catalog machines and spare parts, as well as a team of on-site technicians for plant commissioning and after-sales service.


Also in 2019, the group strengthened its presence in the Russian market through the acquisition of a long-standing distributor, thus opening its subsidiary in Moscow.

The office houses a sales office, after-sales service and spare parts. With this branch Pegaso industries ensures coverage on almost all continents.

PET Solutions S.R.L.

PET Solutions, is a company of the Pegaso Industries SPA group with more than 25 years of history that stands as a leading international company in the field of machinery for the treatment of plastics.

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