The Management of Pet Solutions, with regard to its quality system management policy, undertakes as follows:


To offer a professional image, understanding Customers’ and Stakeholders’ requirements in order to produce and supply products and services that satisfy their requests at all stages of the business relationship.


To offer customers top quality products and services, in line with their requests and at an optimal price, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


To promote a process-based approach and risk-based thinking.


To promote a process-based approach and risk-based thinking.


To promote a process-based approach and risk-based thinking.


All this translates into regular plans for:

– Measurable goals set by Management, that take into account the internal and external context, the needs and expectations of the stakeholders and that are ranked by priority, in order to face the identified risks connected thereto and exploit any connected opportunities.

– Continuous improvement of the quality management system, using appropriate and sufficient means and resources.

The entire staff is engaged in the implementation of this quality policy, in the achievement of the set goals and in operating in compliance with the provisions of the Quality management System.

Management is responsible for the effectiveness of the quality management system and makes every effort to improve it , by assigning the necessary resources to the tasks in order to achieve the set goals.



PET Solutions has been concerned with environmental and social sustainability since its founding, through a policy of raising awareness of these issues and adopting practices that involve staff in their daily work.

The company adheres to the 4Rs principle of sustainability
both in internal practices and through the products supplied to our customers:


The company undertakes to reduce waste by limiting its production of waste and discards.  For our customers this means an offer of products that provide actual energy savings, a reduction of production waste and increased industrial efficiency. 


Thanks to its constant investments in human resources and in R&D, Pet has increasingly adopted new production processes, new methods and materials and new technologies. This has direct consequences also for our customers and for the shelf life and reliability of our machinery. 


Within our company we are constantly aware of the need to recycle, so as to grant new life to materials collected through separate waste collection. For our customers this means that we supply machines that can process recycled plastic materials.


This means disposing of unused materials, so as to reduce waste significantly and to turns refuse into a resource, a way to obtain new materials or energy. The same principle applies to our customers who, through the use of the machines supplied by us, can obtain new raw materials by recovering production waste or by reusing plastic materials. 

PET Solutions S.p.a.

PET Solutions, is a company of the Pegaso Industries SPA group with more than 25 years of history that stands as a leading international company in the field of machinery for the treatment of plastics.

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