DSH RDP Series mould dryers

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DSH RDP Series mould dryers

The RDP series dryers are the ideal solution for removing condensation from injection and blow moulds. In this product range, air drying is achieved by means of cool-circuit technology, allowing air dew points down to +6°C, which is the optimal value for 90% of applications.

Rates change

Depending on the model, the airflow rates change, ranging from 2500 up to 7000 m3/h and can be applied to one or more processing machines.


Adjustable temperature

Adjustable process air temperature from 6° to 20°


Inverter-driven variable-speed compressors

Process ventilators

High head, inverter-controlled process fans to ensure the correct airflow while guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency (this creates a stable process even in tropical-type climatic conditions with temperatures of up to 40°C and humidity of up to 90%)

Microprocessor control

Microprocessor control that manages machine operation and makes it possible to keep a constant dew point with PID regeneration control


Filtration with panel filter that simplifies cleaning and increases accessibility

Drain pump

Drain pump with incorporated float switch to expel condensed water


RS 485 modbus interface


Post-cooler (to reduce the outflowing air temperature)


Energy efficiency

Thanks to cool-circuit technology, which pro-vides energy savings of around 3 times those of rotor technology

Production quality

No production waste due to mould moisture and elimination of the risk of mould corrosion and consequent maintenance needs

Constant process

Thanks to the ability of this range of products to adapt to all weather conditions

Wide range

A wide range of products suitable for every customer’s needs and every climatic environment

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