PD Series suction units

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PD Series suction units

PET Solutions’ PD Series offers various suction unit models to enable the automatic conveying of both granule and flakes plastic materials. The range includes 8 standard models with power from 1.5KW to 20KW, offering a suction capacity of up to 3000 kg/h of material and a maximum distance of 160 m. The suction units can be equipped with FZ paper filter or FC1, FC2, FC3 and FC8 filtration systems with antistatic polyester filter to combine the cyclon effect with dust separation (suitable for particularly dusty materials). Control is via a microprocessor board and integrated programming keypad, allowing the operator to easily program and control the machine. 

Vacuum units

  • A patented removable mesh filter system for fast machine maintenance
  • High vacuum operation
  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • Exhaust valve with paddle and antiwear gasket
  • Air vent with flap and built-in metal filter
  • Pneumatic exhaust
  • Ratio valve
  • NAS valve on the material line (to isolate the material circuit from the outside)
  • Level sensor


Channel blowers

1- to 3-stage side channel blowers

Integrated display

Integrated display for alarm programming and management


Power from 1.5KW to 20KW

Self-cleaning filters

Self-cleaning filters with paper (FZ) or polyester (FC) cartridges and dust-collection tray


Modular, compact frame


High efficiency filtering effect


RS485 Modbus interface


High performance, ease of use


Safety and reliability

Quick installation


Machines with two loading stations available


Hang-on (FZ) or cyclone (FC) filter

Pressure switch clogged filter alarm

Bypass valve

Double filter

Integrated operator panel

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