Monitoring System

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Monitoring System

The Monitoring System developed by PET Solutions is an integrated management and control software for the entire plastic material production and processing plant. The system makes it possible to monitor and track all the processing phases, from delivery and storage of resin to the actual finished product output.


Thanks to multilevel data collection, the supervisor can monitor the system’s energy consumption and efficiency on an ongoing basis. Every proposed solution also gives the opportunity to control and monitor the system remotely, to ensure quick action and technical support when necessary.


Wall version

Designed specifically for the requirements of the production department, it collects process data and the operating status of every single device in real time. All information is then processed by the software and shared on multiple screens installed in the customer’s production department. This solution provides fast, real-time information on the operating status and efficiency of the production department and, specifically, of every individual device.

Premium version

Designed specifically for the requirements of plant managers, this desktop solution makes it possible to display and fully control every single device in the system. This solution provides preliminary diagnostic capabilities through the alarms

history and the diagrams for each variable, as well as the opportunity to set the parameters for each machine.

Factory 4.0 version

Designed specifically to address the requirements of plant managers and system and production logistics managers, this solution integrates the Premium version with the full management of the materials flows. More specifically, thanks to its integration with the customer’s MRP or ERP systems, the Supervisor manages the flow of material from raw material to finished product, all the time collecting information on the access of goods to be processed, consumption thereof, the exit of finished products and on any production waste. The level of technology and innovation of the solutions is the pivotal concept of Smart Factory 4.0 and follows the Industry 4.0 guidelines.


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