Sorters are technologically advanced machines that use optical sorting systems (with hyperspectral sensors) capable of identifying and separating different plastic materials even if they have the same colour. These solutions are specifically designed to achieve the level of purity of the selected plastic materials. PET Solutions offers Sorters that perform the most efficient sorting and separation of different types of recycled plastics.


  • Remote monitoring of machine performance;
  • Image processing with photographic capture;
  • Excellent sorting performance;
  • The embedded Windows 7 GUI ensures easy connection to corporate networks and the remote service system;
  • Automatic cleaning system integrated in the sorter.


  • Ideal for a wide range of sorting requirements;
  • Low operating costs


PET Solutions’ offer includes granulators, machines capable of efficiently grinding various types of plastic material. Our range of granulators are made for onboard press applications (injection, blow moulding and extrusion and for general use), and indeed they can be used for:

  • In-line grinding of sprues and scrap, elastomers and glass-fibre filled technopolymers with injection moulding machines.
  • Grinding of preforms and blow-moulded parts off-line.
  • Recovery of blow moulding rejects such as blow-moulded parts, sprues, parisons in line at high temperatures.


Rotating discs integrated in the motor for anti-side creep
– Wear-prevention chamber
– No-blowback hoppers
– CE-compliant safety systems
– Soundproofing for noise reduction
Overheating and dust proof containment rings


  • Ground material quality: the machine ensures that the mechanical and physical characteristics of the plastic material are maintained. The ground material is homogeneous and uniform over time
  • Effectiveness of offered solutions: PET Solutions offers a complete range of devices for handling plastic material waste of any shape and weight
  • Energy efficiency: low electric power absorption
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Single/Multiple blades
  • Fixed/Variable speed
  • Cyclone blower
  • Collection tray
  • Ratio valve
  • Tilted screw
  • Cooling system


The feeders make the automatic conveyance of plastic granule materials possible. PET Solutions offers two series of feeders:

  • VLM Series single-phase feeders, with a troughput up to 600 kg/h of material at a maximum distance of 10 m.
  • VLV Series Venturi feeders, with a troughput up to 30kg/h of material at a maximum distance of 4 m.

Machines with integrated suction unit.


  • Two-stage 900W blower.
  • Automatic filter cleaning with compressed air.
  • Inspection hatch with stainless steel vent filter.
  • Microprocessor card control, keyboard and digital LED display for operating status and alarms signalling.
  • Integrated double lid dividing the motor bay from the blower, thus promoting better operation.
  • Aluminium fastening ring for 360° installation.
  • Extraction pipe and probe included.


  • Easy to use.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Safe and reliable.
  • Quick installation.


  • Ratio valve with percentage settings.
  • Acoustic alarm.
  • Mini Pirex hoppers for direct installation on the machine.
  • Version with integrated control in the dosing unit available.

Matrix loading systems

The Matrix microprocessor control makes it possible to create centralised pneumatic conveying systems for plastic material. The system is flexible and expandable in terms of number of vacuum pumps and receivers, and allows single control implementation at any time.
The automatic operation allows material storage and sorting (i.e. material-processing machine or material-dosing system combination) to be controlled from a single location.


  • Microprocessor control for 8 vacuum pumps and 56 receivers;
  • Portable keyboard with digital display;
  • Integrated management of self-cleaning filters, ratio valves, pipe cleaning valves; manual and automatic manifolds;
  • The EASY MATRIX version with integrated switchboard on the extraction unit that makes it possible to control up to a maximum of 10 receivers is also available.
  • All system components are connected by the RS485 ModBus interface serial line.


  • Complete flexibility; the system is flexible and can be adapted to new storage configurations, production departments, plant extensions, thanks to the fast configuration of the new system PLC;
  • User friendly; simple operator interface from the control panel, PC, Tablet and receiver;
  • Reduced energy consumption thanks to efficient vacuum pumps


  • Colour touch screen;
  • Automatic spare blower exchange;
  • Info display panel.


PET Solutions S.p.a.

PET Solutions, is a company of the Pegaso Industries SPA group with more than 25 years of history that stands as a leading international company in the field of machinery for the treatment of plastics.

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