H Series drying hoppers

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H Series drying hoppers

The H series of drying hoppers for PET material offers a wide range of sizes, to satisfy the production requirements of the customer’s processing machine. The design and operation of the hopper make it possible to dry the material in an optimal way and high performance: the hoppers, coupled with various drying systems, are provided with technical solutions specifically studied to offer maximum performance of the plastic material drying process.


The H series offers over 20 different sizes of hoppers, in various configurations; in addition, PET Solutions offers the possibility to customise the hopper, in an ad hoc solution devised for the specific customer.



Configuration with single, split or multi hopper


Stainless steel hoppers

Diffuser cone

Central diffuser cone


Rock wool insulation

Safety rules (CE/OSHA)

Foot irons and railings complying with the safety rules (CE/OSHA)


Inspection window

Unloading gate

Material unloading gate



Possibility of customising and sizing the machine according to production requirements.

Airflow efficiency

Efficiency of the airflow inside the dehumidification hopper.

Thermal insulation

With the hopper insulation cover it is possible to obtain excellent thermal insulation of the material.

+20 sizes available

Easy to inspect and clean


Load cells for reading the material weight

Level rod for reading the material level

Hopper base

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