TB Series conveyor belts

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TB Series conveyor belts

The TB series by PET Solutions includes conveyor belts that make it possible to transfer and store plastic products (preforms) coming out of the processing machines, such as injection moulding machines, extruders or Blow moulding machines. The nearness of the conveyor belt to the machine makes it possible to eliminate production waste and make the entire plastic material handling and transport process after each moulding cycle automatic.


PET Solutions has a wide range of machinery designed to satisfy the different needs of this production phase, as it succeeded in adjusting the height, length and inclination of the conveyor belts according to the layout requested by the customer.



Microprocessor control with TOUCH display for easy programming

Handling wheels

Handling wheels supplied
30°, 45° or 60° standard inclination

Captive screws

Captive screws to avoid contamination of the final product

Reduction gear

Reduction gear with electropolished stainless steel oil collection tray


RS485 Modbus interface

PU strip canvases

PU strip canvases suitable to work with high temperature products and food-grade certified


Ease of access

Ease of access, calibration and cleaning


Quick transfer of finished products

waste elimination

Elimination of production waste during the transfer and storage of the finished product


Reduction of the risk of material damage


Reliable conveyance of plastic material


Automated handling of plastic material


– Belt booth for material protection
– Vibrating tables for containment boxes

– Motorised sensors
– Customisable canvas Pantone

– CDZ (preform cooling system on canvas and on box)

– Nebuliser application
– Inverter

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