Volumetric gravimetric and liquid Series

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Volumetric gravimetric and liquid Series

The ‘DUV’ volumetric, ‘DUG’ gravimetric and ‘DUL’ liquid feeder series are designed for the optimal and efficient automatic dosing of masters, additives, regrind granules and liquids. The machine series presents a synergy between design and applied technology, which makes for high flexibility for different dosing requirements of injection moulding machines, blow moulding machines and extruders.

Dosing screw

The range features a wide variety of screws (different diameters) made of stainless steel and able to provide optimal dosing thanks to their patented profile. The dosing screw, with its inclined axis, offers maximum performance in terms of precision and stability.



Inclined axis feeder


Drive with brushless motor

Command panel and LCD display

Command panel and LCD display installed directly on the feeder or (optionally) remotable

Calibration and adjustment

Self-learning calibration and adjustment by simply opening a damper

Bottom gate

Bottom gate for material unloading

Central flanged base

Central flanged base, to install one or two units


Complete with static mixer


RS485 Modbus interface

Patented solution

The DUG has a double load cell, one for dosing, the other for an additional functional precision check



Possibility to save the various recipes for more efficient repeatability.

Color change

Quick colour change and fast cleaning, thanks to the complete accessibility of the unit.


Wide range of stainless steel dosing screws and easily and quickly exchangeable cylinders.

Waste reduction

Thanks to the specific technology adopted for this series, material waste at the start and end of the weighing process is reduced.


Adapts to various types of material.


The weighing and dosing station can be transferred very easily.


Remotable command panel and touch LCD display (4” DUV, 7” DUG)

– Electropolished steel central hopper

– Lack of material alarm signal with capacitive sensor and buzzer

– Controller remoting kit

– Bladed mixer body

– Venturi loading system for compressed air material loading
– Mixer
– Double load cell (DUG)

– Screws and cylinder cooling system, ideal for low melting point materials

– Gear pump kit to offer a wide production range (in DUL)

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