DRV Series vacuum dryers

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DRV Series vacuum dryers

The DRV series comprises the most innovative and advanced drying systems on the market, with several PET Solutions patents. The system is designed to be used with recycled materials, but can be used also with virgin material. The DRV Series is equipped with vacuum process technology that allows the extraction of VOC 

contaminants (Benzene, Limonene, etc.) normally present in rPET and coming from foreign materials (such as metal, glass, paper, etc.), additives and non-miscible polymers (such as PVC, PP, etc.).

Vacuum system

Vacuum technology no longer requires the use of molecular sieves in the system and renders the use of oil condensers obsolete, as it is capable of removing all VOC contaminants from the material through the vacuum system. The range can cover productions from 500 to 1500 kg/h, with a residual moisture value at the end of the process of less than 40ppm.


7” TOUCH display

Microprocessor control with 7” TOUCH display for easy programming (material type and troughput selectable from database)


PLC control


4 hoppers for 4 drying phases (pre-heating, heating, vacuum & maintenance)

Vacuum pump

Liquid ring vacuum pump

Temperature control

Temperature control and management in the drying phases

Level sensors

Level sensors for residence time monitoring

Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors for process management

Automatic shutdown

Automatic shutdown to prevent granule degradation


RS485 Modbus interface


Material changeover and plant start-up

The series technology allows the material changeover time to be reduced by 65% from 6 hours (standard drying) to 2 hours (vacuum drying).

Reduced energy consumption

The vacuum system guarantees an energy consumption of 70 to 80 W/kg depending on the application with virgin material and rPET. A conventional system consumes up to 120 W/kg with rPET material.

Reduced maintenance

Maintenance is reduced to filter cleaning only; it doesn’t requires the traditional heat exchangers or molecular sieves of a standard drying system.

Ease of control

The keyboard and multilingual digital display interface provides constant monitoring of the machine by highlighting key parameters such as temperature, dew point material level in the hopper, vacuum level, etc.

Reduced utilities

The system only needs electrical and pneumatic utilities, making connection to the HTC network unnecessary.


Removal of residual contaminant oil generated by recycled plastic from the process air.

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