VB Series vibrating tables

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VB Series vibrating tables

The vibrating tables of the VB Series are an optional extra for Soft Drop and conveyor belts, and allow for an even distribution of plastic products that are stored inside the boxes. Equipped with a variable intensity motor, they allow the capacity of the boxes to be optimised by eliminating central accumulation (socalled pyramid effect). There are two versions available: on springs and on anti-vibration puffers.

Vibrating platforms

PET Solutions has a range of vibrating platforms with different solutions, that make it possible to use various types of container boxes (e.g. cardboard, metal and plastic).


Touch operator panel

Machines interfaced to the Touch operator panel of the Soft Drop or Conveyor Belt

Vibration mode

Possibility of adjusting the vibration mode (continuous vibration during the final filling phase of the box, or timed and intermittent vibration)


Ramp for box loading and unloading


Spacers kit


Optimisation of storage

They make it possible to store a greater number of preforms inside the boxes, leading to a considerable reduction in the volumes dedicated to the storage of plastic material. The estimated increase in storage capacity is up to 15%.

System integration

The system is interfaced with the other machines so that everything is controlled from a single control panel.

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